Earmark and Pork Review

The earmark page has been updated with all available information about recent earmarks. Last week, Kuhl was criticized for voting against a bill while trumpeting the earmarks he inserted in the bill. Undeterred, he's done the same thing this week. He voted against the Labor, HHS and Education appropriation bill, yet he's also issued a press release touting an earmark for MCC in the bill. Kuhl had five earmarks worth over half a million dollars in the Labor and HHS bill.

Kuhl has also announced a couple of grants (not earmarks) for area projects. In Troupsburg, the announcement was for a new water system, and in Watkins Glen, Seneca Harbor will get some upgrades.


The Labor, HHS bill was an over 13% increase from last year, and quite frankly I think we all pay enough in taxes not to have them go up next year because of this out of control spending. You didn't mention that Kuhl DID vote for the Energy and Water bill which was only a 4% increase in spending -- still too much if you ask me but more in line with the cost of living.

Erik, thanks for pointing that out. I forgot to mention that I updated the earmark watch page to track Kuhl's votes on those bills. If you look at that page, the votes are there.