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Reader Elmer sends an editor's column from the Corning Leader [pdf]  (jump [pdf]), which talks about Stan Lundine's plan to force school consolidation. Gannett also has the story.

This is relevant to the 29th because Lundine was the last Democrat to represent the Southern Tier in Congress.  He preceded Amo Houghton in a district that had different boundaries from today's 29th.


About 30 years ago Stan Lundine was elected to represent New York's 39th congressional district. So, in 30 years we have lost 10 seats. Sad thing for upstate New York.

This reminds me that the "Fighting 29th" will go out of business in the foreseeable future, hopefully replaced by the "Fighting 27th or 26th" or whatever.

Also, when the redistricting is done, and the population of whatever district this becomes shifts more toward Rochester or Syracuse, either Eric or Randy may have a tough time getting out of their own party's primary elections and perhaps even be running against a fellow congressman in the primary or general election.

The prediction is that something like 2-3 seats will go next redistricting. I need to get busy registering domain names!

Don't you suppose that one reason for that phone survey testing names of GOPs other than Randy-I think Elmer down in Campbell rec'd one--in part is because, hoping to remain some sort of competitive anchor in any new district post-2010, the powers-that-be are thinking of positioning Winner of Santuli (?) or Tom O'Mara. Each is from Elmira, arguably commanding a big block of votes and even allowing a southern tier person a good chance against, say, someone from Binghamton. Hammondsport, as much I love it and as beloved as it is by all of us, is off-the-beaten path. If whoever decides redistrcting goes strictly by County, or tacks on Corning to Chemung and then ends at the border of, say, Bath and Hammondsport...Randy's in a primary, assuming he's incumbent, against someone from up Rochester-way or, worse for him, head-to-head w/Louise Slaughter. That's why I wouldn't be surprised, a bit, if Randy suddenly exited to make way for a Chemungite. Only problem is--exit to where? Nothing with Spitzer. Maybe his bud George Bush could finagle something for him over the next several months? Say what you will aboput his politics, not to mention his sometimes-entertaining, uh, off-work-hours life, Randy is hard-working and conscientious and smart. He is young and needs to be at work somewhere.