Leader Op-Eds and Letters

Reader Elmer sends today's Corning Leader Opinion Page [pdf], which contains an op-ed from Randy Kuhl and a letter from Eric Massa.

Kuhl's op-ed is a protest of the Democrats' plan to bring the Iraq Supplemental up for a vote without committee action or much meaningful debate. At one point in the op-ed, Kuhl compares Nancy Pelosi's conduct with that of "oppressive regimes".

While I don't doubt that a little more bi-partisan agreement might make the House a better place, I wonder about Kuhl's choice to use an entire op-ed to bring up procedural issues. The House is like a sausage factory: the process can be pretty ugly and might even turn some people into vegetarians, but in the end, most people only care whether the sausage is any good. As Eric Massa points out in his letter, gas prices are up and employment is down. That's the sausage, and no matter how it's made, it isn't very tasty.


It seems to me that Eric Massa has launched a personal attack against Randy Kuhl.

Eric fails to mention other people who have been in congress even longer and have been promising to bring more jobs to the upstate region since 1999 (Chuck Schumer) and since 2001 (Hillary Clinton). I guess when people in your own party make promises they can't keep it is OK. Talk about partisanship!

Elmer, you've been reading this blog for a year and you just notice Massa's first personal attack? :)

Of course not :) - but I thought it was time to point it out. I will agree with him and replace the past with the future if he agrees to replace Schumer and Clinton with a couple of Republicans :)