Massa Endorsement and Boating

Reader Elmer sends two stories from today's Corning Leader [pdf] (jump [pdf]). The first is "2 big endorsements" given to Massa, according to the Leader headline. The story also mentions Massa's Veterans' plan.

The Kuhl story concerns the Clean Boating Act, which was recently signed into law by President Bush. The bill is a response to a court ruling that all boat ballast had to be regulated in the same way as commercial ships.

The story mentions an infestation of zebra mussels in Keuka Lake. According to the University of Rhode Island Sea Grant, the vector for spreading those mussels is often recreational boats. Kuhl believes that the bill cuts "red tape" by not regulating recreational boaters.


"Red tape" is of course code for big government interference, but let's face it, if we try to regulate movement of recreational boats among the lakes and rivers we'll be in the land of the drug and illegal immigration wars. Cooperation from ordinary citizens that involves washing down and flushing out their small boats would be hard to come by. That Randy framed it as protecting the boaters of the 29th from inconvenience, expense and involvement in a boondoggle is just smart.

I don't know much about boating, but that sounds right to me. The best gov't can do is probably signs and perhaps cleaning stations.

We also have a video of General Batiste endorsing Eric Massa up as well.

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