Drilling News

Reader Elmer sends today's front page [pdf] (and jump [pdf]) coverage of reaction to last night's vote on an oil drilling bill. Randy Kuhl opposed the bill, Eric Massa supported it.

Though it passed the House last night, it looks like that bill won't become law. Instead, the Senate is taking up a similar bill which probably won't make it through the legislative process before the election. But it looks like we're slowly approaching a compromise where the repeal of oil company tax breaks and an increase in funding for alternative energy is traded for more offshore drilling.

For a couple of different takes on the House and Senate bills that goes beyond newspaper coverage, here are a couple of blog posts: The specialist blog Oil Drum has a nice round-up of coverage and information. The non-partisan Red, Green and Blue has more on the Senate compromise.

In other news, the Leader's top story today is the court review of ballots in the Steuben County Sheriff election.