Representative Michelle Bachmann [R-MN-6] said some crazy things about Barack Obama (he's "anti-American") and her house colleagues (the media should find out whether they're "pro-American"). Her comments caused a million dollar fundraising burst for her opponent, and the DCCC is pouring a million more into her race.

Casting around for more Michele Bachmann-like comments, The Hill thinks they found one by Randy Kuhl, made at the 13-WHAM debate on October 10th to 13-WHAM in an interview:

I firmly believe the Democratic majority wants the American public to suffer and to hurt so that they can make some political gains at election time, and I think that’s wrong.

Politico thinks this is significant enough to be called the play of the day.

Update: Exile at The Albany Project has the video. It's from an old interview with Kuhl, conducted in August.


Desperate times calls for desperate measures by desperate candidates. Welcome to the silly last two weeks of a hot race!