I Don't Get It

Local conservatives are distributing a video (included after the break) that is supposedly bad for Eric Massa. The second part of the video repeats the supposed "gaffe" Massa made at Netroots Nation. But the first part of it is simply Massa saying "Hell no" to the notion that stimulus should be returned.

What's so bad about that? Shouldn't the 29th get all the stimulus money that it's entitled to?

Massa spends literally hours every week talking to the press and to constituents. If these are the supposed "oh shit" moments of his tenure of the last 10 months, I think he's pretty safe.


What do you think about the three-way race up in the--23rd? Shame Assini doesn't have sufficient funds to jump in again, assuming he'd be able to attract the parade of GOP Conservative Stars who are flocking to Watertown, etc. on behalf of the Conservative. That must be something to watch...

Maybe some conservatives think it was a bad idea for him to vote for the stimulus package in the first place.

Maybe that's what I'm not getting - they think it's suicide for him to even admit that he voted for the bill.

The jury is still out on the Stimulus bill and the return on investment (or lack there of)

I think it's pretty clear that it helped. We can argue about how much or how little it helped, that's for sure.

"We can argue about how much or how little it helped, that's for sure" - What do you mean by it worked? Worked for which groups or individuals? How much money did we spend to save one job?

I see, from MSNBC, that Dede (?) has dropped out of that (reallllly) Upstate race. Would the voters truly go ahead and elect a non-resident to Congress, for Lord's sake? Hmmm...