Reed Goes Retro

I used to think that redbaiting went out with cat eye glasses, poodle skirts and fins on cars. But Randy Kuhl cured me of that impression back in 2007, when he justified his flip-flop on the Employee Free Choice Act by saying that the Communist Party supported it.

Today, Tom Reed takes up where Randy Kuhl left off. After putting on his alpaca sweater and horn-rimmed glasses, Reed sat down at his Underwood portable, typed up a stencil, fired up the mimeo and cranked out this press release [pdf]. As you can see, Reed wants us all to know that the Communist Party approves of Massa's opposition to the Afghanistan War.

I can only guess what's next from the Reed campaign. A treatise on the evils of that new-fangled rock-and-roll? A debate over the relative merits of Brylcreem versus Murray's for the perfect D.A.? Tune in after Milton Berle to find out.


Brylcreem. A little dab'll do ya.

I had to laugh at the contact information for Reed's "Media Contact" guy. Hey folks, it's 2010. If you don't get your e-mail at your own domain, it screams out that you are a fly-by-night, amateur hour operation. Gmail?? That's so 2004. The only other contact info is a phone number. Let me guess - it's a prepaid cell phone. No mailing address? Generally, a lack of contact information like this makes me wonder if I'm looking at an attempt at fraud.

Maybe it still is the 1950's for Reed; he hasn't mastered 21st century communications, and learned nothing from watching the 2008 Obama campaign.

Don't miss the forest for the trees. Reed has a pretty good press operation and he's been having weekly calls for months. He's a serious challenger.

Red baiting ..... yeah, I really missed that. Will he pull out the "bloody shirt" and talk about Rum, Romanism, and Rebellion?

No, I think we're only going back 50 years, not 120.

Is anyone else deeply offended that he's politicizing Afghanistan while we are still mourning the loss of Lance Corporal Zach Smith here in Hornell?

I've been reading the coverage of the loss of Lance Cpl Smith, and it's a sad story -- a young man, who had recently married his high school sweetheart, killed in Afghanistan.

It's because we lose so many good young men and women in the war that we need to be discussing what we're going to do in Afghanistan. But we need a real discussion, not a bunch of recycled talking points.

I can't believe amo houghton actually allows his name to be attached to this garbage. By the way, where is this alleged communist article, I can't find it anywhere on the cpusa website.

Tom reed sent this as a blast email to supporters today too. He should be ashamed of himself.

one really strong point here...

Where is the article he's referring to? Reed's website and press release provide no links to it and when I got to CPUSA and search for eric massa, massa, or Afghanistan, nothing fitting this description comes up.

I even tried their search by author and neither Joelle Fishman, nor Fishman resulted in ANY articles.

Did Tom Reed just make all of this up? If he can't produce a link to this article on the Communist site, he has some explaining to do.

By the way, nothing about Dennis Kucinich either!

I think the point is that CPUSA supports the Afghanistan bill, and Massa also supports it. As for the article, I couldn't find it, either, but I don't doubt that the underlying fact (CPUSA wants us out of Afghanistan) is true.

To accept that it is a problem, you need to accept the following logic:

Son of Sam likes the Yankees.
Rudy Giuliani likes the Yankees.
Therefore, Rudy Giuliani likes Son of Sam.

Sure you think it, but can Reed prove it? If Massa pulled some citation out of thin air and put it in a press release, I bet people would ask him to source it. You should get them to provide a link since they say it came from that website.

Reed's ship is all but sunk. I see this press release as the type of nonsensical political attack that Reed supposedly rejects. I think the communists support fracking too, just not by private individuals. :)

Seriously though, let's get a real challenger. I do not believe Massa has much to worry about.

You, sir, are a brilliant and oh-so-witty writer. Seriously. And yes, Tom Reed is embarrassing himself!!!