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Evening News

Eric Massa will have a weekly show on Hornell's WPKQ radio.

Massa will also be attending a meeting of the Finger Lakes Veterans Advisory Committee at 11:15 tomorrow at the Canandaigua VA hospital. The meeting is open to the public.

A Good Haul

Jimmy Vielkind of the New York Observer calls Massa's set of committee appointments a good haul. I agree. Half of the press releases issued by the Kuhl office announced a Homeland Security grant for some local fire department or ambulance service. Massa's appointment to that committee will allow him to influence legislation that will have a real impact on the district.

Massa Named to Homeland Security Committee

The Massa office has announced that Eric Massa has received his third committee assignment, to the Committee on Homeland Security.

The Twitter Fallacy

A recent Politico Story on John Boehner includes this comment:

In a speech to his rank and file down at the Homestead resort this weekend, Boehner will encourage them to use Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, blogs and any other electronic tool to communicate with constituents.

This reminds me of a friend's comment on "communication" as a cure-all in relationships. He said that most of his relationships fell apart as soon as he and his girlfriend started communicating, because both of them realized they had nothing in common.

Boehner needs a new message, not a new way to distribute it.

Stimulus Stories

The Star-Gazette has Eric Massa's comments about voting for the stimulus. The Leader also reports that Corning, Inc's CEO thinks the plan will be good for the company. He met with President Obama yesterday.

The Second Most Important Vote of the Session

Eric Massa, and most other Democrats, voted for the economic stimulus package. All Republicans voted against.

Since the Senate bill is different from the House version, there will be another vote on the bill after it goes through conference. Swing-district Republicans who voted against this bill will probably vote for the "compromise" bill, and they'll highlight some change or other that supposedly tipped their hand.

John Boehner has apparently convinced endangered Republicans that this is a clever strategy. Randy Kuhl, a Boehner protegee, used it a few times on tough votes in the previous session. I've always felt that it was too clever by half.

Voters aren't moved by technicalities on tough legislation, and this bill is one of the biggest gut-checks to come around in recent memory. Our country is in big trouble, and we're facing the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. Either you're for stimulating the economy with massive spending, or you're not. The bullshit expenditures that Republicans are bloviating about on talk radio (e.g., money for STD's !!) are nothing in comparison to the totality of this $800+ billion package. A few little additions or deletions are simply window dressing.

I think voters will see this for what it is: Republicans betting against the economic well-being of their country in hopes of a political advantage. I'm sad to see it, and I'm sad to say it, but I can come to no other conclusion.

The Most Important Vote of the Session

Today the House blocked an extension of the implementation deadline for digital TV. The same bill passed the Senate in a unanimous vote. Here's some background. Eric Massa voted for the extension.

If this stands, the "Nays" on this list who are in any kind of a competitive district are in serious trouble.

Massa on Stimulus

Reader Elmer sends today's Corning Leader story [pdf] (and jump [pdf]). The topic is stimulus, and Massa is for it.

Pelosi's Popularity

Reader Tom sends this link. It's a poll showing that Nancy Pelosi has the highest approval rating of the four Congressional leaders. Her counterpart, John Boehner, is the least popular leader, scoring lower than even Mitch McConnell.

Despite an intense effort by Republicans to draw a tail and horns on Pelosi, she's proven to be a popular Speaker. That's no surprise, because she's a competent, on-message leader of her caucus. If she's a factor in Massa's 2010 campaign, it's likely that she'll be a positive one.

Chuck E's In Love

The Massa Office sent over a few more shots of Monday's swearing-in. Here's a pure Chuck Schumer moment. Others after the break.

Massa's YouTube Channel

Eric Massa has an official YouTube channel where his official speeches and other videos will be posted. Right now, it has one short floor speech.

Still More Swearing

Michael Parks sends this photo of Eric Massa at his Monroe County swearing-in ceremony. Today's D&C reports that a the crowd at the event included Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer and Republican Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks.

Eric Massa (c) Michael Parks