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New Health Care Ad

Health Care for America Now!, a 501(c)(4) funded by a number of union and advocacy groups, will run ads against Randy Kuhl, targeting his support of John McCain's health policy.

The nationwide ad is embedded below, but the ads shown in the 29th will have Randy Kuhl's name instead of John McCain's.

New Kuhl Ad: Massa Tax Plan

The Kuhl campaign has released a new ad, embedded below:


The Massa campaign has released a new ad about Kuhl's vote change on the bailout bill. The video is embedded below:

New Kuhl Ad: Blueprint

The Kuhl campaign has released a new TV ad, which is embedded below:

New DCCC Web Ad

The DCCC has released a web ad which criticizes Randy Kuhl's support of a grant loan guarantee for a Canandaigua bowling alley. It's embedded below:

New Massa Ad: 40,000

The Massa campaign has released a new ad. Its focus is the 40,000 jobs lost by the "Bush-Kuhl" trade policies. It's embedded below:

Another Kuhl Ad

Kuhl's latest ad accuses Massa of starting negative attacks. It's embedded after the break:

New Kuhl Ad

The Kuhl Campaign has released a new ad, where some Vets give Kuhl credit for saving the Canandaigua VA Hospital. It's embedded below:

Update: In response to commenter's questions, I asked the Kuhl campaign some questions about the commercial. According to Justin Stokes, Kuhl's spokesman, the man speaking is Ralph Calabrese. He's the head of the Veterans Advisory Group of the Finger Lakes Region. In response to the question of whether Mr. Calabrese was speaking officially, the response is "He's speaking as a veteran who worked to keep the VA open."

New Massa Ad: Two Faces of Randy Kuhl

The Massa campaign has a new ad attacking Kuhl's energy plan, embedded after the break.

Corning Confrontation

Eric Massa attended a Kuhl news conference this morning to ask Kuhl about scheduling time for a debate. Things got a little heated, as this WETM story recounts.

According to the report, Kuhl, who was "visibly unamused", talked a little smack after it was over:

"That's not the way I was raised," said Kuhl of Massa's behavior. "Unfortunately, there are people who didn't have the luxury of having wonderful parents like I did who taught about parental respect."

I understand the first part of Kuhl's taunt: Massa had bad parents (i.e., "Your Momma"). The second part, about parental respect, doesn't quite make sense. Is Massa supposed to treat Kuhl like his Daddy?

Video after the break:

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