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Nada from the DCCC

The Swing State Project has a report in the new ad buy in NY-26. The DCCC is dropping $168K on ads in that district. (via The Albany Project)

According to Swing State's tally, the DCCC has spent less than $10K in the 29th.

Massa Clarifies Bailout Position

For the reader who asked how Massa would have voted on Monday, here's your answer:

Let me be very clear, I did not support the bill the Bush Administration brought to Congress, I did not support the bill the House voted on Monday afternoon, and I could not support the bill the Senate is working on today as it is currently written. I will only support a bill which creates an independent, non-partisan oversight committee like the Resolution Trust Corporation.

Update: Here's the whole release.

An Avalanche of Bailout Coverage

Almost every newspaper in the district, and many outside the district, quote or mention Kuhl or Massa in coverage of the bailout:

  • The Elmira Star-Gazette has Massa's take on Kuhl's bailout proposal.
  • 13-WHAM mentions Kuhl's vote against the bailout along with Louise Slaughter's angry response to the bill's failure.
  • The Democrat and Chronicle covers Massa's response to the bailout bill, editorializes that a bailout is necessary, and quotes the head of Wegmans saying that bailout is necessary.
  • The Syracuse Post-Standard editorializes for the bailout, calling the bill's defeat "shameful"
  • Buffalo's News 4 has a story on the plan, with a couple of Kuhl quotes.
  • Both Massa and Kuhl are quoted in today's USA Today about the bill, with Massa saying that the inability of "a very few partisan ideologues" to compromise was the reason the bill didn't pass.
  • And the Edmonton, Alberta Sun quotes Kuhl saying that 97% of the calls to his office were anti-bailout.