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Afternoon News: Polls, Rethinking the Exodus, and TAL

The Hornell Evening Tribune reports Randy Kuhl's reaction to the polls.

Evan Dawson at the 13-WHAM blog has an interesting post about a bit of conventional wisdom. It turns out that the "brain drain" isn't really Western New York's problem. Our real issue is that we can't attract out-of-staters.

Finally, the radio program This American Life has produced another excellent program about the economic crisis. It's by far the clearest non-partisan explanation of the credit crunch I've heard. If you haven't listened to TAL's explanation of the mortgage crisis, it's still available here.

Debate Live-Blogging

Tomorrow night we'll be doing something new - collaborative live blogging. Around 9 p.m., Exile from the Albany Project will join me in commenting on the 13-WHAM debate.

We'll be using some new software that allows everyone to comment in real-time. It's more like IM or a chatroom, so it should be pretty interactive. If you're watching the debate and near a computer, stop in and participate.

Massa Quick Response to Kuhl Ad: "Gamble"

The Massa campaign has released a quick response to Randy Kuhl's latest ad. It's embedded below:

Test Live Blog

Testing, please ignore:

Pelosi Derangement Syndrome

The Massa campaign has issued a press release about Randy Kuhl's latest ad. The release points out that the "Pelosi tax plan" that Kuhl accuses Massa of supporting is actually a non-binding resolution, that Massa isn't in Congress, and, besides, Massa has his own tax plan [pdf].

All true, but here's my question: When did Nancy Pelosi become universally despised? Or, put another way: If Massa had produced a similar ad in 2006, would he have put a picture of Denny Hastert and Randy Kuhl in it?

Perhaps it's a failure of my imagination, or a reflection of my biases, but I don't think that the undecided, low-information voters who are the target of last-minute campaign ads are going to see Nancy with Eric and reach for the smelling salts.

In addition to power of the she-devil Pelosi, Kuhl's counting on that old warhorse -- "He'll raise your taxes" -- to carry him through one more battle. I'm skeptical. We're funding an endless war, rescuing banks, and we've just nationalized an insurance company. Isn't it obvious that taxes will go up?

Democrats are saying that the top 5% will bear the burden of the increase. I think that's salable in this environment. Kuhl's implied claim that he won't raise taxes just flies in the face of economic reality.

Another Third-Party Ad: "The Breaks"

Patriot Majority, a 527 group, is running an ad attacking Randy Kuhl for his vote for tax breaks for oil companies. (via Exile at The Albany Project)

The ad is embedded below:

New Health Care Ad

Health Care for America Now!, a 501(c)(4) funded by a number of union and advocacy groups, will run ads against Randy Kuhl, targeting his support of John McCain's health policy.

The nationwide ad is embedded below, but the ads shown in the 29th will have Randy Kuhl's name instead of John McCain's.

New Kuhl Ad: Massa Tax Plan

The Kuhl campaign has released a new ad, embedded below:

Friday's Debate Will Be Prime-Time

13-WHAM's Sean Carroll says that Friday's Massa-Kuhl debate will be broadcast at 9 p.m. on Rochester's channel 13. This will be the first non-cable Rochester-area debate for the two candidates.

Kuhl Gets "A" Rating

The Hill newspaper has a run-down of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America legislative report card. Randy Kuhl got an "A" from that group. Kuhl out-scored John McCain (who got a "D") and Barack Obama ("B").

Massa Announces Q3 Fundraising

The Massa Campaign has announced that it raised $462,200 in the last quarter. Massa's full fundraising report has not hit the FEC website yet, nor has Kuhl's.

SurveyUSA: Massa 51, Kuhl 44

The first independent poll for the 2008 cycle shows Massa leading Kuhl by 7 points. The poll was commissioned and published [pdf] by the subscription-only Roll Call magazine.

FiveThirtyEight is a site that does extensive ranking of pollsters. They rate SurveyUSA as the most accurate polling organization in the nation, as explained here.

(via Rochesterturning)