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Messenger-Post: Massa / Star-Gazette: Kuhl

The Messenger-Post endorses Massa [pdf] mainly because of his more detailed positions on the issues. (Update: Here's the link to an online version, thanks to reader Cathy.)

The Star-Gazette follows the Gannett line and chooses Kuhl because he brings home the pork and because Kuhl of his "street wisdom" and "He's so rooted in the district that he no longer keeps an apartment in Washington, choosing instead to bunk out on a bed in his office."

Leader Endorses Massa

Reader Elmer sends the Corning Leader's endorsement [pdf] of Eric Massa.

It's a busy morning and there are a lot of endorsements to report. I want to single this one out not only because it is an unexpected move by a conservative paper, but also because it is almost completely issue-based. When you consider the candidates solely on the main issues of the day, the Leader argues, Massa is the most conservative.

The opinion page also includes Joe Dunning's column. In addition to being tired of political ads, Dunning highlights Kuhl's "prevent defense", asking "Is it possible to win a campaign by avoiding voters?"

Massa Out-Raises Kuhl Again

According to the October 1-15 filings at the FEC, Eric Massa raised $134K in the most recent reporting period. Massa has $234K on hand. Randy Kuhl raised $106K and has $208K on hand.

As of 10/15, Massa had spent $1.6 million to Kuhl's $1.3 million.

NRCC Is Still Spending

FEC filings show that the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) is still spending in the 29th district.

Yesterday, the NRCC spent $35K on an anti-Massa mailer. On Thursday, they spent $9K on another mailer and roughly $26K on a media buy.

As of Wednesday, the NRCC had spent a little over $300K, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) spent more than $500K.

Morning News: Tea and Not a Goner

Randy Kuhl and Eric Massa will be guest speakers at a tea in Elmira tomorrow.

Kuhl is pushing back on the Goner List story.

New Massa Ad: Kuhl Wants to Cut Medicare

The latest Massa ad is embedded below:


Goner List Hits the TeeVee

Both Syracuse News 10 and Rochester's WROC have stories about the Goner List.

Morning News: Forum, Response, Suffering

Eric Massa attended a candidate forum in Watkins Glen. Randy Kuhl did not attend. The Massa campaign has a press release out noting that Kuhl was having a press conference while the forum was taking place, but that's not reported in the S-G story.

Massa also has a candidate response to the Democrat and Chronicle's endorsement published in today's issue.

Sean Carroll at 13-WHAM notes that Kuhl made the same "suffer" comment to the D&C.

Finally, Water Buffalo Press notices that claims of record voter registration in Monroe County were incorrect.

Thoughts on the Goner List

Randy Kuhl's presence on what's supposedly the GOP death list has WHAM, TAP and Rochesterturning talking.

The Daily Kos got a copy of the memo. While I believe that some Republican consultant somewhere probably put together that memo, I wouldn't put Kuhl in the same category as Don Young [R-AK-AL], who's been in trouble for a long time in a well-polled race.

Compared to 2006, the NRCC has already spent heavily on this race, with a little over $300K spent as of last night. So they've probably made an impact even if they pull out. The DCCC has outspent them, dropping almost $500K on the race so far. Because independent expenditures require a 24-hour notice, the place to watch is this list, which tracks all independent expenditures and is updated regularly. We'll know soon enough if the NRCC is practicing Catholic birth control in the 29th.

Evening News: Kuhl on Goner List, Gets Endorsement

Randy Kuhl is on an internal GOP "goner" list, according to a report in Politico. Kuhl's seat is ranked in the worst category, along with neighboring NY-25 and the Don Young (AK-AL).

Along with that non-endorsement from his party, Kuhl also received the endorsement from Vets for Freedom.

Suffering at Noon

The Hornell Evening Tribune is the first area newspaper to cover Kuhl's suffering remarks.

The Hill, which broke the story, has a follow-up documenting Kuhl's refusal to back off.

Suffer the Blog Readers

In case you haven't read enough, Sean Carroll has a full Q&A on suffrage.

City Newspaper fulfills its role as the predictable liberal voice by headlining its take The New McCarthyists.

And Congressional Quarterly finds two more Republicans who regularly call Democrats un-American in House debates.