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The Zeller Raw Feed

Sean Carroll of 13-WHAM has posted the full video of his interview with Matt Zeller.

More Zeller Interviews

Reader Joe sends this short City Newspaper interview of Matt Zeller. Here's Zeller's take on the special:

"It's not my call," he says. "It's a difficult decision."

Reader Elmer sends today's Corning Leader interview which is meatier, and has a pretty thorough discussion of Zeller's position on healthcare reform.

Note that yesterday's D&C interview just quoted Zeller as saying that a question about how he would vote on HCR wasn't fair, yet he seems willing to talk about it at length. Some of these newspaper stories (not the Leader's) are short and heavily-edited, so it's hard to judge Zeller from a couple really short quotes.

Zeller Interview

Matt Zeller has been making the rounds of media outlets in the 29th in preparation for his official announcement tomorrow. Here's the D&C story covering his visit to the Rochester paper.

New Poll

We Ask America, a robo-polling firm, polled the 29th last week and found that 60% of the residents want a special election. Reed leads Zeller 41%-24%, with 35% undecided.

(via Rochesterturning)

GOP Will File Lawsuit To Force Special

The Corning Leader reports that the Republican party is going to file a lawsuit next week to try to force the Governor to call a special election. The effort comes from party committees --Tom Reed will not be involved.

The Massa Hole Gets Deeper

The Washington Post is reporting that the FBI and Justice Department are probing the payments made by Massa's campaign last month. These include a $40,000 check to chief of staff Joe Racalto, and a $39,000 car lease payment.

The House Ethics committee has launched an official probe into what other House members and staff did about the allegations against Massa. The committee can't investigate Massa directly because he is no longer a member.

Campini Speaks

Bob Recotta of the Corning Leader has an interview of Angelo Campini. Here's a sample:

Reed is part of the establishment that has created the country’s current situation, Campini said.

“I find his campaign to be a little out of the can,” Campini said. “I don’t believe for a second he didn’t have this planned all along. Running for mayor (of Corning) was no more than a stepping stone. He’s a lawyer, he’s got plenty of connections. He probably felt it was time for him to take the next step and join the big boys. His responses are straight from the Republican Party talking points.”

Reed Has a Primary Challenger

Angelo Campini tells WHAM that he has filed the Federal paperwork necessary to be a Republican challenger in the Fall Congressional primary. Campini owns BG&G pizza and lives in West Henrietta.

Campini already has a campaign website. According to that site, he was originally trained as an aerospace engineer, is married and has two children. His position statements on that site are mainly devoted to deficit reduction and energy policy.

(via Rochesterturning)

Zeller Profile

The Corning Leader has a short profile of Matthew Zeller. He's 28, served in the Army and the CIA, and will be formally kicking off his campaign next week.

CQ Speculation

Rochesterturning picks up this CQ item which speculates that David Nachbar might run for the 29th seat in the Fall, assuming Governor Paterson doesn't call a special election. Nachbar fuels this speculation by telling CQ that he would consider running in the general.

With State Assemblyman Joe Errigo's retirement now official, I continue to agree with Philbrick at Mustard Street that Nachbar will end up running for Errigo's seat, as I predicted earlier this month.

Zeller certainly hasn't hit the ground running, probably because he has no money, so Nachbar may think he can sneak back in. I certainly don't blame him for not wanting an Assembly seat. But I think Joe Morelle has spoken, and he wants Nachbar to take a run at Errigo's seat, which he has a better chance of winning.

And The Hits Just Keep on Coming

Reader Rich sends a couple of Massa stories. First, Massa denies approving a payment to Joe Racalto for $40,000. And, it looks like he prepaid a lease of a campaign vehicle two days before he resigned.

Racalto Files Harassment Claim

Joe Racalto's attorney announced that he's filed a harassment claim against Eric Massa, stating that "Massa regularly groped, propositioned him and made lewd remarks to him and other staffers".