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Still More NRCC Money

The National Republican Congressional Committee dropped $209K on ads opposing Eric Massa yesterday in the 29th. That brings the NRCC's total to $605K.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Commitee spent another $9K on mailings Tuesday, bringing their total to $905K.

The Air War Intensifies

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee just dropped another $350K on a media buy in the 29th. That brings DCCC spending in the 29th to almost $900K.

The DCCC has not posted a new anti-Kuhl or pro-Massa ad, so it's not clear what ad that money is paying for.

With this buy, the DCCC spending has far outstripped their Republican counterpart. The NRCC has spent less that $400K in the race, and their last expenditure was on some direct mail last Friday. $9K of direct mail on Monday.

I'm no expert in media buys, but I assume the window for booking TV time before the election is almost closed.

New Massa Ad: Kuhl Wants to Cut Medicare

The latest Massa ad is embedded below:

New NRCC Ad, DCCC Mailer

Rochesterturning has scans of the new DCCC mailer, which, like the recent TV ad, highlights free trade.

The NRCC has released their first ad in the 29th district, which is embedded below. The charges in the ad are almost identical to Kuhl's most recent ad. (via The Albany Project)

New Internet Ad

Reader Michael sends a screenshot of the Internet ad below, which is sponsored by the same group that sponsored an anti-Kuhl health care ad.

The ad shows the good and the bad of Internet advertising. The good is that you can figure out (roughly) where a user is from, and push ads related to the user's location. The bad is that you often can't control where your ad appears.

New Kuhl Ad: Sick

The Kuhl campaign has released another ad, this one attacking Eric Massa's health plan.

New Kuhl Ad: Flatline

The Kuhl campaign's new ad is embedded below:

DCCC Ad Buy: $159K

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) put $159K behind the ad released yesterday. That seems like a lot of money, except that their buy in neighboring NY-26 is almost twice that number. Overall, the DCCC has spent almost $900K in NY-26, on a weaker candidate, in an only slightly-less Republican district than the 29th.

(via Exile at the Albany Project)


The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has released a new ad, embedded below:

New Kuhl Ad: Maggie Brooks

The Kuhl campaign has released a new ad featuring an endorsement from Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks. It's embedded below.

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