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New DCCC Web Ad

The DCCC has released a web ad which criticizes Randy Kuhl's support of a grant loan guarantee for a Canandaigua bowling alley. It's embedded below:

New Massa Ad: 40,000

The Massa campaign has released a new ad. Its focus is the 40,000 jobs lost by the "Bush-Kuhl" trade policies. It's embedded below:

Robo Call

I just got robo-called by "Working Families Win." The call tried to tie Randy Kuhl to the current economic crisis. It said he had taken "over $300,000" from Wall Street interests, and that the policies he supported put working families retirement at risk. It also noted that Kuhl will receive "a guaranteed pension at taxpayers expense." The call ended with Kuhl's office number.

Another Kuhl Ad

Kuhl's latest ad accuses Massa of starting negative attacks. It's embedded after the break:

New Kuhl Ad

The Kuhl campaign has started a media effort coordinated with Kuhl's appearance at the House protest this week. Kuhl's new radio and TV ads, which the campaign says will air across the 29th district, are embedded after the break.

Kuhl will also appear at a press conference on C-SPAN C-SPAN2 this morning at 11.

When You Have Money...

The DCCC just announced that they will be running ads that respond to the Freedom's Watch ad campaign mentioned earlier today. The 29th is one of ten markets in the DCCC ad buy.

Freedom's Watch Radio Ads

Freedom's Watch, a 501(c)(4) political action group, will run radio ads targeting Eric Massa along with a number of other Democrats.

The specific ads haven't been posted on their site, but the subject will be domestic oil drilling. The size of the buy is "mid six-figures" spread over ten districts for radio, and two for television. So, as with most PAC ad buys, it's not clear how many ads will actually be aired in the district.

(via Rochesterturning)

First Massa TV Ad

The first Massa TV ad is embedded below. (via Rochesterturning)

Update: The Massa campaign has announced that they will run the ad for one week on TV stations across the district.

Call of Robotic Origin

I received the following robo-call earlier this week:
Hello, I'm calling from Working Families Win. One million homes are now in foreclosure, the most ever. And the average net worth of American households has fallen by 1.7 trillion dollars. Not billion, that's right, trillion. In spite of this housing crisis, Congressman Randy Kuhl voted against the American Housing Rescue and Foreclosure Prevention Act. Meanwhile, Congressman Kuhl continues to ask for contributions from the mortage lending industry, which fed the subprime crisis.

Call Congressman Kuhl at 607-776-9142 and ask him to return the campaign contributions he has taken from the predatory lenders that are killing the American Dream.
Working Families Win is the same group that paid for another robo-call a couple of weeks ago.

Gas Robo-Call

I received this robo-call a couple of days ago:

Hello, I'm calling from Working Families Win, with an urgent message about high gas prices. With gas prices on their way to $5 and no end in sight, George Bush has incredibly threatened to veto the Consumer First Energy Act legislation that will punish price gouging and eliminate subsidies for big oil companies. Call Congressman Randy Kuhl at 607-776-9142. Tell Congressman Kuhl to stop rubber-stamping Bush energy policies and taking campaign contributions from big oil. It's time to put consumer interests ahead of the record-breaking profits for oil companies.

Working Families Win is a project of Americans for Democratic Action, a liberal activist group. The Consumer First Energy Act is still sitting in the Senate.

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