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Massa to Resign Monday

A number of DC media outlets are reporting that Eric Massa will resign on Monday. As the Washington Post reports, Massa's resignation could trigger a special election, but the timing of the election is at Governor Paterson's discretion. If Paterson waits, the seat could be filled during the general election.

Update: Elmer points out the Leader story on Massa's resignation, in which Massa says he was guilty of using improper language and could not fight the allegations.

Politico's Latest Anonymous Rumors

Politico's latest adds a little more information on Eric Massa's alleged misdeeds. According to an anonymous Massa staffer, the alleged wrongdoing had been going on for eight months.

Other than that, there's not much new. The piece mentions the dispute between Massa and Sanford Dickert, his first paid campaign manager, in 2006. Anyone who isn't familiar with that dust-up can read the summary I wrote back then.

Meanwhile, in Massa Land

Sean Carroll reports that Massa's chief of staff, Joe Racalto, was interviewed by the House Ethics Committee around February 9. In Sean's earlier interview, Racalto had used some evasive language on the ethics investigation, but now that it's been officially announced, he acknowledged that it's been going on for a while.

Massa's press operation, which typically cranks out a couple of press releases every day, has been silent since Wednesday's press conference.

The Democratic Field

Today's Corning Leader reports that Assemblyman David Koon is "willing to run" for the 29th seat. Koon is from Perinton, a Rochester suburb at the Northernmost end of the district.

Hornell Mayor Shawn Hogan, Massa's choice for the set, is also sounding like a candidate.

Koon said he would abide by the choice of county chairs, so the Democrats may be able to avoid a primary for this seat.

Koon is not my Assemblyman, but I've watched him over the years, and he seems better than average. He has a very compelling personal story: his political career was sparked by the abduction and murder of his daughter, and he's sponsored legislation related to that crime, such as mandating the ability to locate 911 cell phone callers automatically.

Koon's son Jason is mayor of East Rochester. He won that seat in a contentious election against a crony-filled village government, and he's been cleaning house. I think that he'd be an overall plus in Koon's story, but the byzantine politics of that town might deliver up a some pseudo-scandals that could occupy the media.

I still don't think that a Rochesterian can win this seat, but Koon would be viable candidate.

Backing Down

Yesterday, Massa was Mark Foley.

Today, this is the best The Hill can muster:

We don’t yet know what kind of trouble Rep. Eric Massa (D-N.Y.) has with the House ethics committee, but it’s going to dog Democrats for now. If he is to believed, he said something rather “salty” to a staffer. Democratic aides, meanwhile, said that the staffer was made to feel “uncomfortable.”

Ethics Committee Confirms Investigation

Talking Points Memo has the terse announcement from the House Ethics Committee, confirming an investigation of Congressman Eric Massa.

Lonsberry Claims to Have Details on Massa Charges

Conservative radio personality Bob Lonsberry claims to have details of Eric Massa's previous history of sexual harassment in the Navy. It is from two unnamed sources, so there it is, for what it's worth.

Still More Resignation Coverage

Sean Carroll at 13-WHAM has spoken at length with Massa's chief of staff, Joe Racalto. Racalto denies that Massa's office has seen any ethics complaint. This contradicts what Steny Hoyer said last night.

Today's Corning Leader has two stories:

Bob Recotta files on the resignation, including Shawn Hogan's remark “If he was referred to the Congressional Ethics Committee don’t you think we’d have known about it by now?” (I think we just found out, Shawn.)

Joe Dunning's story covers the possible new entrants into the race. Maggie Brooks, the Monroe County Executive, is sounding like an interested Republican.

Hoyer Knew of Allegations

The AP has just reported that House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer has confirmed that he was aware of a report of harassment from one of Massa's staff members. Hoyer directed Massa to forward the report to the House Ethics Committee, and that was done the week of February 8.

Tanned, Rested and Ready

Randy Kuhl's press secretary Justin Stokes sent the following statement from Randy:
Tonight all of the 29th Congressional District will have Eric Massa and his family in their hearts and prayers. His reoccurrence of cancer is devastating and I wish him a full recovery. I know firsthand that Eric is a fighter and I have full confidence that he will beat cancer once again.

I have received numerous calls and emails today regarding my political future and I truly appreciate all of those who believed in me and supported me during my 28 years of public service. I will address any political decisions in the future but right now it is important for Eric to get the treatment that he needs to recover.
If you can't feel the Kuhlmentum, here's Tom Reed's statement:
I was saddened to hear that Congressman Massa’s health will preclude him from running for re- election. While the Congressman and I disagreed on political issues, I respect his military and public service and wish him the best.

Our campaign continues moving forward with a message of smaller government and resistance to government takeovers of health care and private enterprises. We began this campaign to bring common sense and financial responsibility to Washington and we will continue to November. I have spoken with county Republican chairs and all have pledged continued support for our campaign. We look forward to welcoming a Democratic candidate to the race.
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