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Healthcare Bill Passes

Eric Massa wasn't there to vote on it, but the main reform bill passed by a vote of 220-211 last night. Massa's vote wouldn't have made a difference either way, no matter what he said when he was flailing around and making accusations a couple of weeks ago.

Suggestions and Rumors

Tom Reed thinks that Massa should use his campaign money to pay for the special election. There are huge restrictions on use of that money, and politicians tend to hoard it. For example, John J. LaFalce, who represented the 29th before it was redistricted and retired in 2003, has more than $400 grand in his campaign account, collecting interest.

Lucy at Mustard Street, who seems to have some good connections, reports that David Koon was in the St. Patrick's Day parade in Hornell on Saturday. She also says Sandra Frankel is out.

It looks like Koon might be the sacrificial lamb put forward by Democrats.

Massa Bio

Reader Elmer sends this link to a Washington Post story (free registration required) that contains an interesting and detailed bio of Eric Massa. It sheds a bit of light on Massa's career as a (Republican) staff member on the House Armed Services Committee, and his party switch.

One Last Massa Joke

I missed posting Jerry Seinfeld's riff on Massa from Saturday Night Live.

Unless I see something exceptionally funny, that's it for the Massa jokes from me.

More Massa Humor

Reader Elmer sends a couple of cartoons from the NY Daily News:

Readers' Links

Up in Prattsburg pointed out this OpenSecrets story about Massa's contributors. For some reason, they're a bit upset with him.

Another commenter pointed out that a skit about Massa opened Saturday Night Live last night. Here's the video.

Massa's Money

Eric Massa will keep most, if not all, of the money he raised and will be able to use it to fund donations to other candidates, according to this Hornell Evening Tribune story.

The story speculates about what Massa will do with the money. If I had to guess, he'll probably end up returning most of it, or donating it to charity. No politician will want a donation from Massa, it's just too tainted.

One Question for Sanford Dickert

I asked Sanford Dickert this question: "Did you know that Eric Massa had a habit of sexually harassing men at or around the time you filed your lawsuit?" Here's his answer:

I can honestly say that the Eric Massa I knew when I worked on his campaign was an incredibly hard-working campaigner who was looking to make a difference for the people of the 29th. No - I never had any inkling of this kind of behavior back then, so I had nothing to "out" him with.

Maggie Out

Maggie Brooks is officially out of the race. It looks like Tom Reed will be the Republican candidate in the special election, if and when Governor Paterson calls it.

Other Democrats

Sean Carroll's new blog post has some more news on Democrats.

I'd missed the news that Mike Green is out.

In addition to the name of David Nachbar, Sean has a new rumored lamb to the slaughter: Mary Wilmot. She works for David Paterson and is part of the wealthy Wilmot family, which owns the Wilmorite mall management company.

Both Nachbar and Wilmot can self-finance, to a degree. Other than that, they're unknowns.

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