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Campini Out

The Corning Leader is reporting that Republican candidate Angelo Campini did not collect enough signatures to make it on the primary ballot.

The status of the other possible challenger to Tom Reed, Janice Volk, is unknown.

Advice and Consent

Reader Vincent sent a Zeller fundraising letter that leverages this tweet from Tom Reed:

Of course, if you're upset that residents of NY-29 won't have a vote in the Kagan confirmation, you need to take that up with the founders, who gave that power to the Senate. Unless the $30 you give to the Reed campaign is going to finance some kind of resurrection, or a Constitutional convention, I don't think you're going to get much bang for your buck.

Zeller and Volk Notes

A reader sent in a report from a Zeller reception yesterday at Bully Hill Winery. It's a mixed report. He was impressed by Zeller, calling him "young", "ambitious" and a "nice guy". The overall impression was that he's "[v]ague, non-committal and busy learning".

Zeller's campaign manager thought that the Reed Pittsford office, which just opened, is a waste of money. Overall, my correspondent says that Zeller needs to "get an act together by Labor Day".

On the Volk front, Reed press man Tim Kolpien responded to a number of criticisms made by supporters of Janice Volk on the local Glenn Beck/Teabagger forum, "We Surround Rochester". Kolpien's response is more detailed than the short back-and-forth in yesterday's Star-Gazette coverage.

As part of his response, Kolpien points out that Reed is the candidate in the special election this Fall no matter what. Volk, Campini and Reed are battling for the Republican nomination for the Fall general election. If either of those candidates beat Reed, Reed would still be on the ballot in the special, and he might also run on the Conservative and Independence lines, depending on who those parties nominate for the general. This is similar to the mess that's developing in NY-23, where Doug Hoffman has a challenger in the Republican primary who's on the Independence party line. If Hoffman wins the Republican primary, the conservative vote will be split yet again in that district.


About a half hour ago (1:41 local time), I felt an earthquake here in Rochester. Apparently, it as a magnitude 5.5 quake centered a little north of Ottawa, Ontario. If you felt it, too, you can follow that link and report it.

(I know, nothing to do with the 29th District, but still interesting.)

The Special Happens in November

Sean Carroll just sent the text of the court ruling saying that Governor Paterson was within his rights to hold the special on November 2. I assume there will be appeals, but it's a setback for Republicans in general and Tom Reed in particular.

Another Republican in the Race

Reader Joe sends news that Janice Volk, a resident of Cuba, will be Tom Reed's second primary challenger this year. Janice's website doesn't have much information at the moment, but it says that there's more to come.

Tell It To The Judge

The Corning Leader reports that the fate of the 29th special election is now in the hands of a federal judge.

Massa Esquire Profile

I'd be remiss if I didn't post a link to this Esquire profile of Eric Massa. It's full of equal parts sadness and crazy talk, and unfortunately it looks like Massa is thinking about writing a book about his whole experience.

My take is that nobody will be interested in a book full of fanciful conspiracy theories and implausible denials. If Massa decides to be honest about his personal struggle, perhaps that book will attract some readers.

More on the Special

The Corning Leader's story on the special election includes some quotes from Democratic chairs who believe that the Governor can't schedule the special after July 1. Angelo Campini, the Republican challenger, also threatens a lawsuit.

Charlie Foxtrot

Now the Elections Board is wondering if Paterson's election is legal.

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