Reed Campaign Denies Robo Calling

Here's the response to the robo-call story from Tim Kolpien of the Reed campaign:

This allegation is ridiculous - We are not even doing any robo calls – not a single one. Not even for Tom. Certainly not for Matt.

Vote Twice

The one thing that everyone has to remember is that you need to vote twice in tomorrow's election.

One vote is for the special election to serve out the rest of Eric Massa's term. The other is for the general election to serve the next two years in Congress.

Update: Reader Elmer sends this morning's Corning Leader front page [pdf], which makes this really, really clear.

Zeller Endorsement

The Zeller campaign sent over a supporter's scan [pdf] of the Finger Lakes Times endorsement of Zeller.

Leader Stories: Endorsement and Issues

The Corning Leader endorsed Tom Reed today [pdf]. Here's the Leader's Zeller [pdf] and Reed [pdf] one-page candidate issue summaries. Thanks to Elmer for the documents.

Reed Robo Calls?

The Zeller campaign has put out a press release accusing the Reed campaign of making back-to-back "Vote Zeller" robocalls to annoy Zeller supporters.

I don't know whether this is true, but if it is, I'd be surprised. I'm also surprised that Reed is running any negative ads. (The ads aren't negative against Zeller, but they do attack Democrats.)

As the prohibitive favorite, Reed should be completely positive.

The Zeller press release is included after the break.

Profiles and an Endorsement

The Corning Leader has profiles of Zeller and Reed in today's online edition. Reader Elmer was good enough to send the printed version (here, here and here [pdf]) which have more art and shows the kind of play the 29th race gets in the Corning paper.

And the Democrat and Chronicle predictably endorsed Reed. While they generally endorse Democrats, the D&C hasn't been able to endorse a Republican in the 29th District, and I don't think the reason has anything to do with editorial integrity or a careful evaluation of the candidates. The D&C is simply looking for editorial cover, and the 29th serves as the token district where they can say they endorsed a Republican in a competitive race whenever they're accused of being a "Democratic" paper.

Debate Videos

In case you missed it in the comments, the Zeller campaign is posting the full videos of all the debates on their YouTube channel. That's a great public service and they deserve respect and appreciation from all sides for doing it.

Debate Story

Here's the Corning Leader story on last night's WETM/Leader debate.

Debate Schedule

The Zeller campaign sent over the debate schedule for the candidates [pdf].

FEC Reports

Tom Reed passed the million dollar mark in total fundraising with his latest report, and he has almost $300K cash on hand. Reed raised $173K in the latest reporting period. Zeller raised $113K this period, and has $90K cash on hand.

Zeller's numbers are actually somewhat competitive this period, though his late start puts him far behind Reed in overall fundraising.

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