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Penance for the Last Post

Seems like the last picture was disturbing. Is this better? It's from the Kuhl campaign, taken on Main Street in Corning this evening.

Evening News: Boo!

This is from a news release from Health Care for America Now. They had a rally in Elmira today to promote universal health care.

Kuhl on the Trail

The Kuhl campaign says that Randy is in Yates, Schuyler and Steuben Counties today, stopping in at local businesses and going door-to-door. Here's Randy at a coffee shop in Penn Yan, supplied by the Kuhl campaign.

Randy Kuhl

Click on the picture for a bigger version. There's another one after the break.

Randy Kuhl

Four More to Go

If you like what you're seeing out your window today, expect more of the same on election day. The National Weather Service forecast for next Tuesday is sunny and unseasonably warm. It looks like a good day for big turnout.

Today, Eric Massa is touring Schuyler and Yates counties. His Schumer press conference got a little more press, but Chuck at a nursing home just isn't Hillary at a rally.

Randy Kuhl spent part of yesterday in Corning, receiving the National Association of Manufacturers endorsement. He's handing out trick-or-treat candy there tonight. I'd recommend full-size Hershey bars.

Update: The S-G has the details on Massa's visit to Watkins Glen, going on now, as well as more Vets endorsing Massa. Also, there was a universal health care rally, asking Kuhl to support it, in Elmira this morning.

Morning News: Money and Race Backgrounder

The New York Times reports that NY-29 and NY-26 are the only races where the NRCC is spending money in New York.

The Ithaca Journal has a race backgrounder by Larry Wilson of the Star-Gazette.

News: Debate Re-Broadcast, Schumer and Massa

The Kuhl campaign reports that the RNews debate will be re-broadcast as follows:

The R News Debate will be replayed on Time Warner Cable Channel 6 in the Olean and Wellsville areas Thursday, October 30th at 8:30 PM, Friday, October 31st at 12:30 PM and 8:30 PM, and Saturday, November 1st at 1 PM. For Time Warner Digital Cable Customers in the Rochester area, the debate is also available for viewing anytime on 108 R News on Demand.

The debate will also be on C-SPAN this weekend. I'll post more on that when the schedule is announced.

WROC will cover this afternoon's Schumer-Massa press conference. I assume that means the other Rochester media outlets will, too.

Still More NRCC Money

The National Republican Congressional Committee dropped $209K on ads opposing Eric Massa yesterday in the 29th. That brings the NRCC's total to $605K.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Commitee spent another $9K on mailings Tuesday, bringing their total to $905K.

Massa on the Road

Michael Parks spent some time with Eric Massa yesterday and was good enough to send a few photographs. The one below is from the set of the WXXI program Need to Know. I assume Massa's interview will air Friday at 9 PM or Sunday at 12:30 PM on WXXI.

Eric Massa (c) Michael Parks

There are more after the break, including one more shot of yesterday's Hillary Clinton rally. Click on each image for a full-size view.

Eric Massa (c) Michael Parks

Eric Massa (c) Michael Parks

Eric Massa (c) Michael Parks

Eric Massa (c) Michael Parks

Eric Massa (c) Michael Parks

Five Days and the Alarm Clock Rings

WETM has answered the "where's Randy?" question once and for all. Today, he's taping an episode of the Southern Tier political program Coleman and Company. Tomorrow, he's handing out trick-or-treat candy in Corning, and he'll be canvassing door-to-door in Elmira on Sunday.

Conspicuously absent from Kuhl's schedule is a major event like Massa's well-covered Hillary Clinton rally yesterday. The AP reports that Rudy Giuliani was campaigning in the Albany area in support of the Republican candidate in NY-20 yesterday. If Rudy showed up on Rochester for a rally supporting Randy Kuhl, Chris Lee and Dale Sweetland, it would get the kind of coverage that Hillary got yesterday.

Massa will be in Ontario and Monroe counties today, with the main event being a news conference with Chuck Schumer.

Though a few Republican strategists are quoted saying that the 29th is one of the more viable races in New York, and I agree with that assessment, independent analysts are still bearish on the race. Today, Larry Sabato moved the 29th to Democratic take-over status. NY-29 had been a toss-up in his last ranking.

AM News: Hillary and Victory

Hillary Clinton's visit yesterday prompted stories by Syracuse's News 10, the Democrat and Chronicle, the Buffalo News and the Ithaca Journal.

The D&C also has a race backgrounder for the 28th and 29th districts. The 28th is Louise Slaughter's district. I had assumed she was running unopposed because there was no FEC report from her opponent, but she has an opponent. He just didn't raise the minimum ($5K) needed to file a FEC report.

Finally, in the department of best-laid plans, Exile at The Albany Project has the details on Kuhl's election-night "victory party".

Today's Massa/HRC Rally

Michael Parks was kind enough to send some pictures of today's rally at MCC.

Eric Massa/HRC Rally (c) Michael Parks

There are more after the break. Click on each image for a full-size view.

Eric Massa/HRC Rally (c) Michael Parks

Eric Massa/HRC Rally (c) Michael Parks

Eric Massa/HRC Rally (c) Michael Parks

Evening News: Profiles, Pushback and Randy's Location

The Wellsville Daily Reporter has profiles of Randy Kuhl and Eric Massa.

Roll Call has an article where a Republican strategist is quoted saying that the 29th is the best chance for a Republican win in New York.

According to the Kuhl campaign, Randy's at an Independence Party fundraiser in Rochester tonight.